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Hooks Common hooks: beforeSave afterSave beforeRemove afterRemove afterRelate afterUnrelate afterMassRelate Creating hook create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Hooks/{EntityName}/{HookName}.php; declare hook type action; clear Cache in Administration. Hook… Read More »Hooks

API Client – PHP

API Client – PHP API Client Implementation in PHP Usage Class Usage $client = new EspoApiClient(‘https://your-espocrm-site’); $client->setApiKey(‘API_KEY’); $response = $client->request(‘POST’, ‘Lead’, [ ‘firstName’ => ‘Test’,… Read More »API Client – PHP

Web to Lead

Web-to-Lead Lead Capture Note: Available since 5.4.0 version. By utilizing Lead Capture feature administrator can create an entry point for capturing leads through API. Create… Read More »Web to Lead